China Field Service Learning Opportunity for High School Students

Posted on 06/02/2017
Student Ambassador Service Learning Opportunity for High School Students in China
A 2017 Field Service Learning Tour through China is offered through ACES. Questions may be directed to Jason Hiruo at

The 2017 Field Service-Learning Tour is exclusively for CT High School Students seeking opportunities to further develop cultural awareness and real-world experience as they prepare for life after high school.

This tour takes place in November and includes cultural preparatory seminars in language; history & arts; etiquette; societal expectations; and travel tips.
Students utilize this experience to further their college readiness; immerse themselves in a culture; participate in field service work; and gain greater perspective for their future.
This program provides experiences in:

• Beijing: The Historical and Cultural Center of China

• Xi’an: The Authentic China – Home of the Terracotta Warriors

• Shanghai: The Cosmopolitan and Financial Center of Asia

• Suzhou: The Ancient Water Villages Untouched by Time

You will not find a program more comprehensive and engaging then this designed by the ACES International Team.
The cost is reasonable, inclusive, and fully supervised with student safety in mind throughout the entire planning and travel process.

Spots are limited to maintain a safe, personalized learning experience for all participants.

ACES International will conduct an informational meeting on June 19, 4:30PM at The Educational Center for the Arts (55 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT 06510).
Jason Hiruo | ACES | Director, Educational Center for the Arts | The International Academy at ECA<> |<> | ACES International
55 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT | 203.777.5451 | 203.782.3596
CLICK HERE to view the flyer with more information on the CT Student Ambassador Service Project Tour 2017