School Improvement Plan

Macdonough School Improvement Plan


Our School Improvement Plan is comprised of a focus on goals designed to improve student achievement in math and reading. In addition the plan addresses the continued growth of our teaching staff as well as a focus on enhancing the relationships between our school, families, and the community. 

The School Improvement Team meets periodically to monitor progress on each of the action plans and to use data to update and revise the plans as needed.

2017-18 Problem of Practice:
Macdonough students are not making adequate gains in math achievement due to limited interactions with computer-based assessments outside of NWEA and SBA, lack of exposure to the research-based EnVisions math materials, and inconsistent implementation of differentiated Guided Math.
2017-18 Theory of Action:

If Macdonough’s students are consistently exposed from Kindergarten to Grade 5 to a) the District’s adopted researched-based set of math materials and b) differentiated math instruction through guided math, the students’ number sense will improve and in turn students will achieve at a higher rate as measured by SBA.

2016-19 School Improvement Plan - Updated on 12.18.17:

Mac SIP 2016-19 - v2.docx