About Us

Macdonough School is a racially and economically diverse kindergarten through fifth grade school located in North End of Middletown, CT. Macdonough is truly a neighborhood school; 95% of our students walk to and from school each day. Macdonough is quite literally the center of the community. ____________________________________________________________

Macdonough Elementary School
66 Spring Street
Middletown, CT  06457

Phone: 860-347-8553

Fax: 860-346-7684


Damian SH Reardon

Our Adopt-a-School
Board of Ed. member is:
Marilyn S. Rios


Upcoming Events

Monday, April 8:

  1. Playgroup at Macdonough: 9:00am
  2. Day Care Group at Farm Hill: 10:00am

Tuesday, April 9:

  1. Playgroup at Farm Hill: 9:15am
  2. Parents in Action at Macdonough: 2:15pm

Thursday, April 11:

  1. Playgroup at Farm Hill FRC: 9:15

Friday, April 12:

  1. Playgroup at Russell Library Hubbard Room: 10:00am

April 23:
Parent Meeting Topic: Class Size in Primary Grades and Macdonough’s declining enrollment. Superintendent Dr. Michael Conner will be attending the meeting to share his plans for Macdonough.

Dinner at 6:00pm
Meeting and Childcare at 6:30pm. 


Upcoming Opportunities for Macdonough Students

Science Saturday: April 27 (1-4pm): Free program at Wesleyan University open to ALL Macdonough Students. Call the school for registration information. 

Girls in Science Summer Camp.
Open to girls in grades 4 and 5. This is free for those who qualify.

Link to information:


On Time, All Day, Every Day!

A reminder that school begins at 8:55 am.   Please be sure to make every effort to be have your child arrive on time!

Regular attendance at school is important for all students. We know that having children in school on time, all day, every day can make a big difference in their achievement. Of course we all recognize that there are going to be days when students need to be home due to illness, but research shows that making regular school attendance a priority will have a positive impact on student learning.

We’ll be recognizing classrooms with “perfect attendance” at our upcoming SURFS Up Celebration. Thank you for your support of our attendance goal and your support in ensuring that your child is in school On Time, All Day, Every Day!  



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